What is vermicompost fertilizer

What is Vermicompost Fertilizer?

Vermicompost fertilizer is a excellent nutrient-rich organic manure which is prepared from the process of cow dung/ buffalo dung, and with the help of earthworms, worms are added in the cow dung/buffalo dung since worms constantly keep moving and consume this dung and make this dung into compost fertilizer. which is very effective more than dung fertilizer, and vermicompost fertilizer fully decayed, insect-free, Litter-free, weed-free compost. it is 100% natural organic fertilizer. 

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Vermicompost Fertilizer is used in Home Gardens, Farmhouses, Greenhouses/net houses, Organic farming (Sajiv kheti), Fruit Orchards, Garden Lawns, Garden Plants, Pots/Containers, Vegetable Kitchen Garden, Bonsai plants, Floriculture, Horticulture, Agriculture, Nursery Plant Propogation, Seed Germination.

Benefits of using vermicompost fertilizer

Benefits of Using Vermicompost Fertilizer

  • Vermicompost fertilizer cannot harm the plants in case given in more quantity described or preferred. 
  • It helps in plants in development and groth and the plants are able to withstands in conditions of extreme heat and cold.
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  • Use of Vermicompost keep the plants lush green.
  • It increases the diseases resistance power in the plants.
  • Use of vermicompost removes all types of deficiency from plants.
  • The use of vermicompost Plants Production Increase and Produce Good Quality Fruits and Flowers. 
  • Vermicompost is easy to use in lawns and keeps the lawns whole year green.
  • Vermicompost is easy to store and use according to needs.
  • Use of Vermicompost in kitchen garden, terrace garden, pot/container plants is very beneficial.
  • Soil moisture storage capacity increases and increases the number of beneficial bacteria.
  • It can make the soil live and increase the fertility and quality of soil.
  • In Vermi compost Fertilizer no kind of chemicals in it. 
  • Insects are not in wormy compost
  • Price of Vermi compost fertilizer is lower than other (non-natural) chemical fertilizers.
  • Vermicompost fertilizer does not smell or no smell and it is totally rotten fertilizer.
  • It is Looks like a tea seeds and easy to use in application in garden, post, lawns and farms and in the small size plant containers regularly.
  • No termite can comes while using of this fertilizer, in cow dung fertilizer termite problem can be seen some times.
  • Vermicompost fertilizer is a waste free and weed free fertilizer.
  • Total vermicompost fertilizer have no soil ingredients in it.
  • It Improves the natural quality and colour of the fruits, flower and vegetables and keeps them happy and healthy.
  • Government can also give subsidy to build / make vermi compost fertilizer farming setup on the farm and also runs a training center to guide farmers on how to make vermiccompost fertilizer and its benefits and helps farmers by providing information as regards purchase of materials.   
Application : 
  • 100 gm to 200 gm for small pots, 250 gm to 500 gm for big container
  • In planted bed for each plant 400 gm to 500 gm for big plants 1 to 2 kg.
  • For fruit bearing plants 5 to 10 kg.
  • For Lawns 1 to 2 kg per sq. mtr.
  • Give above application in 4 to 6 times in a year.
For Home Gardening and Kitchen Garden :
  • Packing : 1 Kg, 5 Kg, 10 Kg, 25 Kg.

Vermiwash liquid fertilizer

Vermiwash - Liquid Fertilizer
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  • Contains growth enzymes such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potash and Micro Nutrient.
  • Gets Protection from disease and insects due to good health of the plant.
  • A significant increase is observed in the production strength of the plant.
  • It is very beneficial for the overall development of each plant in each stage.
  • Vermiwash is cheaper than Chemical Fertilizer (N.P.K., DAP, Potash) and Micro Nutrients which are sold in the market.
  • Does not have side effects.
  • Spray and Drip, Can be given in Soil.
  • Can be used with every type of Organic Insecticide/ Fungicide.
  • Method of Usage – can be given in quantity of 5%, 10%.
  • Vermiwash is a Organic Liquid Fertilizer.
  • Can be used as Foliar spray on plants parts like leaves, stem, branches.
  • Time for application is Early Morning and Late Evening.
  • Vermiwash should be Stored at Cool Dry Place.

Price : 1 Ltr = Rs. 65/-

(Minium Order Quantity Outside Ahmedabad is 50+ Ltr. We will Ship to All over India, Packing and Forwarding Charges Extra.) 

100% Organic Liquid Fertilizer for All Types of Fruit, Flower, Grains Crops, and Vegetables.

Difference between vermi and other fertilizer

Difference between manure, Suezfarm fertilizer, Chemical Fertilizer and Vermicompost

Cowdung, Suezfarm Manure, and Chemical Fertilizer
Plants die from over-use of chemical fertilizers or side effects.
Plants do not have sideeffects by excessive use of Vermicompost.
Chemicals deteoriate the soil.
It makes the Soil lively and does not harm the soil.
In Suez farm fertilizer chemical, detergent are involved.
In Vermicompost there are no detergents or chemicals.
Suez farm  fertilizer has greater proportion of insects.
No insects in Vermicompost.
In Suezfarm, dung/manure has smell and foul smell has come.
Vermicompost has no smell, or foul smell (it is completely decayed)
Suez farms, manure is in larger size, difficulty in using.
Vermicompost can be easily used like tea granules.
Occurance of Termites.
No occurrence of termite.
Suezfarm, manure has plastic, garbage and weeds.
Waste and Weed free.
Suezfarm manure is higher in the content of clay.
100% Vermicompost, Soil free.