Benefits of using vermicompost fertilizer

Benefits of Using Vermicompost Fertilizer

  • Vermicompost fertilizer cannot harm the plants in case given in more quantity described or preferred. 
  • It helps in plants in development and groth and the plants are able to withstands in conditions of extreme heat and cold.
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  • Use of Vermicompost keep the plants lush green.
  • It increases the diseases resistance power in the plants.
  • Use of vermicompost removes all types of deficiency from plants.
  • The use of vermicompost Plants Production Increase and Produce Good Quality Fruits and Flowers. 
  • Vermicompost is easy to use in lawns and keeps the lawns whole year green.
  • Vermicompost is easy to store and use according to needs.
  • Use of Vermicompost in kitchen garden, terrace garden, pot/container plants is very beneficial.
  • Soil moisture storage capacity increases and increases the number of beneficial bacteria.
  • It can make the soil live and increase the fertility and quality of soil.
  • In Vermi compost Fertilizer no kind of chemicals in it. 
  • Insects are not in wormy compost
  • Price of Vermi compost fertilizer is lower than other (non-natural) chemical fertilizers.
  • Vermicompost fertilizer does not smell or no smell and it is totally rotten fertilizer.
  • It is Looks like a tea seeds and easy to use in application in garden, post, lawns and farms and in the small size plant containers regularly.
  • No termite can comes while using of this fertilizer, in cow dung fertilizer termite problem can be seen some times.
  • Vermicompost fertilizer is a waste free and weed free fertilizer.
  • Total vermicompost fertilizer have no soil ingredients in it.
  • It Improves the natural quality and colour of the fruits, flower and vegetables and keeps them happy and healthy.
  • Government can also give subsidy to build / make vermi compost fertilizer farming setup on the farm and also runs a training center to guide farmers on how to make vermiccompost fertilizer and its benefits and helps farmers by providing information as regards purchase of materials.   
Application : 
  • 100 gm to 200 gm for small pots, 250 gm to 500 gm for big container
  • In planted bed for each plant 400 gm to 500 gm for big plants 1 to 2 kg.
  • For fruit bearing plants 5 to 10 kg.
  • For Lawns 1 to 2 kg per sq. mtr.
  • Give above application in 4 to 6 times in a year.
For Home Gardening and Kitchen Garden :
  • Packing : 1 Kg, 5 Kg, 10 Kg, 25 Kg.